Western Oklahoma's Premiere Event Center

  • SWSOSUPalooza

Upcoming Events


  • 5th Taj Express @the Fine Arts Center
  • 6th, 7th, 8th SWOSU Rodeo at Rader Park
  • 7th Weatherford Chamber of Commerce Womens Luncheon
  • 8th SWOSU Volleyball Round Robin
  • 13th SWOSU Student Research Fair
  • 20th Drone Days of Summer Meeting
  • 22nd Mars Pet Care Training
  • 24th SWOSU Admissions and Recruitment event
  • 25th STAMPEDE
  • 26th OFMQ Pfizer Learning Session


  • 1st SWOSU Parks and Recreation Graduation
  • 4th Great Plains Oil and Gas Expo
  • 5th Allied Health Sciences Graduation
  • 6th Alternate for Weather SWOSU Graduation